Mère Enfant Siam

Resin bronze
H25cm x W15cm x D25cm
Edition of 15
Green, iron or dark grey patina, bronze on order

Mais où es-tu?
Enfant qui se blottit,
Qui se cache derrière sa mère,
Qui s’y colle, à son bras?
Mais que fais-tu?
Mère qui te surprotège,
Qui contrôle tes mouvements,
Qui t’empêche de décoller?
Mais comment te sens-tu?
Enfant Siam qui oisive,
Oisillon qui ne vole pas, ,
Qui n’a pas le choix de ses ailes?
Mais pourquoi es-tu là?
Enfant, alors que le soleil te brûle,
La pluie t’arrose, la gelée te glace-t-elle?
Mais quand vas-tu te détacher?
Enfant, décolle toi, décolle, envole-toi,
Mère, lâche-le, lâche prise, détache-toi!

But where are you?
Child snuggling,
Who hides behind his mother,
Who sticks to her, to her arm?

But what are you doing?
Mother who overprotects you,
Who controls your movements,
Who is preventing you from taking off?

But how do you feel?
Siam child who idles,
Baby bird who does not fly,
Who doesn’t have the choice of his wings?

But why are you here?
Child, as the sun burns you,
The rain is watering you, is the frost freezing you?

But when are you going to break away?
Child, unstick yourself, take off, fly away,
Mother, let him go, let go, detach yourself!

Mère Enfant Siam

Inspirations Femininity Maternity Family

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